• Power by Destiny Blaine

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    There’s nothing sexier than a successful man except maybe the passionate beast living inside him…..

    Jagger and Ariela were childhood sweethearts and through the years, their fated love has deepened. When another shifter shows Ariela some attention, Ariela is awestruck, but confused. How can she find another lion-shifter attractive when she’s already mated to the man of her dreams?

    A lioness shifter, Ariela experiences inconvenient breeding bouts. Ariela’s lioness heat ignites her sexual prowess and Jagger realizes it will take more than one male to keep her satisfied. When Jagger discovers Leon, a shifter-wizard and old family friend, is interested in Ariela, he isn’t threatened. In fact, Jagger quickly suspects Leon is Ariela’s mate, too.

    A great love is put to the test as Jagger throws himself into his work at Pride’s Las Vegas Casino and the casino’s latest production, Rise to Power, Search for Pride. But when Jagger’s assistant catches Ariela and another man in a compromising situation , she sees an advantageous power play and makes her demands. Jagger and Leon must work together to figure out how to save Jagger’s professional reputation and protect their shared mate, the woman they both love.