Lily Juwette

  • Enthralled by Faerie: The White Stag, Part 1 by Lily Juwette

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    A passionate encounter with a sensual elf sends Judith on an erotic journey that frees her buried desires. Transported to Faerie, where the pleasure-seeking elves lust for humans as much as Judith lusts for them, Judith navigates a world of erotic delights she’d thought beyond her grasp.

    Devoril, the elf who seduced her, believes Judith is the lover he’s been seeking for centuries. The bond he feels is deeper than the mere pleasure of sex, and he has no desire to constrain Judith’s amorous adventures. Indeed, he’s quite happy to participate.

    However, Devoril broke one of Faerie’s essential laws when he unwittingly transported Judith, a mortal, to Faerie – a crime punishable by death, unless the Faerie Queen can somehow be persuaded to pardon him.

    Part 1 of a six-part erotic romance fantasy serial, this episode contains multiple graphic sexual interludes and is recommended for readers 18+. 4,800 words, or about 20 pages.