Lilah May

  • Backseat With The Billionaire: A Bad Boy Dark Romance by Lilah May

    0 out of 5


    A billionaire MMA fighter whose cocky smile and washboard abs make wet panties drop left and right.

    She thinks she wants him for one amazing night out and end it.


    Finding out your husband’s cheating is hard.

    Finding out it’s with a college girl is even harder.

    The easy part? Retribution: beating him blue with a baseball bat and kicking him to the curb.

    So when Bobby Carter, fresh out of college, blows back into town with all the intensity of a hurricane, I decide I’m not done.

    Bobby’s everything my ex-husband is not. Sexy, aggressive, and intense.

    Who cares if I used to babysit him?


    When Lisa Howard finally gets rid of her cheating husband, I want to take her right then and there.

    I got rid of that abusive bastard and built a billion dollar empire all for her.

    So when she offers herself up to me for one night, I’m not about to refuse.

    She’s nothing like the sorority bimbos at Northfield U.

    She is a real woman.