• The Ohio Accident Book by Charles E. Boyk

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    The Ohio Accident Book helps to teach secrets that insurance companies don’t want you to know about your accident. Their main goal is to settle claims as cheaply as possible even if it doesn’t have your best interest in mind or if you’re not getting compensated fairly enough for your damages and losses. This book includes facts that you need to know to help answer your questions regarding medical bills, timelines of cases, how an attorney can help you, if you should contact the other drivers’ insurance company, and more. The Ohio Accident Book will also help you determine how to choose the correct personal injury lawyer for your claim and explain the beginning steps of a personal injury case. Order your free book today!

  • Luna Proxy #1 (Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn

    0 out of 5

    The dull, boring life of Leila Ulric stretches into the horizon. Little does she know that a new moon rises in the dark skies and brings with it a world of terrible and fantastic creatures known as werewolves. An insatiable curiosity drives her to learn more about these monsters, and so she travels on a journey that will redefine who she is and what she knows.

  • The Crime of Seduction by Nadine LaForet

    0 out of 5

    “Heath was definitely more handsome in person than on his profile—if that was even possible. He was vital and flirty and had an incredible level of magnetism she found inescapable. From the second she felt his hand on her shoulder and heard him say her name, she was physically drawn to him in a way she had never experienced before…”

    Alex Barton is a hardworking young paralegal in the Emerald County Prosecutor’s Office in the fictional Northern California coastal town of Scottsville. Despite her grueling work life, Alex, a single woman in her early thirties with a passionate nature, yearns for a real connection with somebody. As Alex cruises through the personals of the dating site one night, she lays eyes on the stunningly attractive Heath Valentine, who reaches out to her online.

    Their first date is a sizzling one, and Alex is soon head over heels for Heath, an apparently wealthy man who lives in a tastefully designed house. Alex is thoroughly seduced—though her older and wiser friend Mari warns her not to get emotionally involved. Mari knows a slick salesman when she sees one.

    In Nadine LaForet’s suspense-filled debut erotic romance, hot and steamy sex is interwoven with romantic rejection and doubt. For Heath is too good to be true, and Alex is forced to face the embarrassing consequences of her actions. Through a series of twists, a new man comes on the scene for Alex who will accept her for who she is. But even after seeing the light, can she escape the net that has been woven around her?

  • Laws of Perversion by Lord Koga

    0 out of 5

    Hell bent on destroying the others legal career and advancement in the firm, associate lawyers Jarod Bych and Ericka Heat, have been doing everything in their power to make the other fail, that is until Ericka receives a notice of promotion from the firms HR department and takes it upon herself to punish Jarod with her own sexual perversions. Sadly, for Ericka, she received Jarod’s promotion by mistake, and now, with the tables turned, must either agree to a “Deal” that will either put her back in the game, or make her his personal cum dumpster, what will Ericka do?

  • A Negotiation of Wounds by Michael Stephenson

    0 out of 5

    Love and Happiness once dwelled together in homes throughout this world. But now, it seems as if more homes have come to marry the thoughts of Love and Divorce. In A Negotiation Of Wounds, the battle between the two paradigms finds it’s way into the public eye.

    When Amanda Matthews finds her film producer husband Reed Matthews having an affair, she moves swiftly to file for divorce. But when, she and her husband attain the services of two cutthroat lawyers in the city of LA, they find themselves pushed farther into a world of deception than they dared go. Now they must wade through the dangerous and often hostile land of divorce, without losing themselves in the process.

    A sexy, visceral, fast-paced ride in the vein of TV shows like Scandal and The Good Wife, A Negotiation of Wounds takes you on a journey through fame, pain, rejection, eroticism, self-discovery and love as one couple seeks to severe the ties that bind.