Lana Portasi

  • Erotic Adventures in Europe – The Trials And Travels Of Julia by Lana Portasi

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    Julia recounts the early days of her youth learing abount life, love, laughter and how to make a guy cum relentlessly. She travels across Europe, in this coming of age tale, jumping in and out of the beds of boys, girls and couples, learning firsthand the joys and pitfalls of sex and seduction.

  • New Experiences : How I Learned To Be A Sub Slut by Lana Portasi

    0 out of 5

    Nina and David are a hot young couple very much in love. They have one of those rare relationships where the sex is amazing, the laughter ever present and the love complete. They enjoy pushing their boundaries as far as possible and while on a holiday in Prague, Nina discovers just how much David enjoys seeing her become a sub slut. What surprises Nina, is that she loves it too. Expect lots of cum and orgasms.