Lady T. L. Jennings

  • Secrets and Seduction ~ A Victorian Romance and Erotic Short Story Collection. Vol. III by Lady T. L. Jennings

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    “Secrets and Seduction” is a short story collection of five newly written Victorian romantic and erotic short stories and includes the following stories:

    The Lady in White

    Fallen Woman

    Nightly Hunting

    French Liaisons

    The Old Rose Garden

    Please note: These short stories includes erotic adult themes such as:

    Forbidden desire, romantic liaisons, debauchery, seduction, bisexual, threesome (MFF), semi-rough lovemaking, sensual erotica, and lesbian romance themes.

    Product details:

    Category: Victorian Romance and Erotica

    Format: Kindle eBook

    Written and published: 2013

    Length: ~ 35500 words

    Proofread by Pauline Nolet

    Publisher: My Secret Quill