• The Earth King’s Bounty by Cordova Skye

    0 out of 5

    Ninia is the Bride: untouched, beautiful, and chosen as the annual sacrifice to the god of fertility and the fields. Her purity will be offered up on his earthen altar, and if he is pleased with her, the bounty he sows in her womb will ensure her people’s prosperity for another year.

    It is a heavy burden of responsibility for a young woman, but as the ritual proceeds Ninia feels her own feminine power welling within her. When she meets her divine husband, it will be as his equal, and he will have to claim her before he can take her.

    This sizzling short is over 7000 words of sexy, fertile fun, with Ninia being pursued, plowed, and passionately filled to bursting.

  • The Dairymaid’s Secret Desire by Maisy Borten

    0 out of 5

    Although Elsa knows that Roderick, the lord's heir, is pursuing her only for her generous breasts, she can't help but respond to his bright eyes and broad shoulders. But it's not only her heart that's affected: the women of her family begin producing milk as soon as they become intimate with a man.

    Elsa can guard against physical intimacy, but Roderick's very presence stimulates her inherited trait. Worse, she finds herself falling in love with the young lord, a man far above her station. As her master, he can use her ability to lactate for whatever purpose he chooses – unless she can somehow keep her ability secret.

  • The Dairymaid’s Sweet Revenge by Maisy Borten

    0 out of 5

    Although her sister has become the wife of the lord's heir, Freda is merely a dairymaid. Content with her lowborn status, she ignores the scorn of Sheridan, the lord's second son – until he directs it at her sister.

    Her fiery defense intrigues Sheridan, who pursues her despite her rebuffs. Freda knows no good can come of his interest, and she refuses to admit her growing attraction to him. Undeterred, the young lord will go to any means to have her, including abduction.

  • Explicit Shorts 2 by Jenna Volume

    0 out of 5

    Erotic short stories with hardcore explicit action from page 1. Includes 2 hardcore stories meant to arouse your dirtiest desires. A breastfeeding professional strikes a hardcore bargain with his client, while a hairy lesbian couple enjoy some nasty domination and strapon action.