Johnny Parker

  • Sting Like a Butterfly by Johnny Parker

    0 out of 5

    Rom Com 60 minute short read.

    Bee hater Boxer meets Battered Beekeeper: dance partners from hell?

    Cheated out of an Olympic gold by a bee in his helmet, ex-boxer Biffo is flatlining through a lonely life full of bitterness and regret. He’s seduced into Salsa class, where he meets beekeeper Beryl. She’s looking for a man to sweep her off her feet, but finds a man who stands on her feet.

    Will Salsa be Biffo’s salvation or is he too macho to mambo?

    Is Beryl wearing steel toe cap shoes so that Biffo can walk all over her?

    This is a story of second chance romance where Biffo and Beryl have both suffered disappointment and heartache…