jax diesel

  • The Tattooist’s Assistant by Jax Diesel

    0 out of 5

    Can an extreme career change mean a complete life overhaul too?

    Lee has always done everything by the book. His controlling billionaire father had everything planned out for him, from taking over the family business to the woman he married, but Lee has had enough. He’s always felt something is missing and he wants to discover what it is. He needs to control his own life. He wants freedom. He wants to be a Tattooist. When Winston gives him a chance in his Tattoo Shop, how far will Lee go to push his boundaries and discover who he really is?

    When a sexy stranger walks into Winston’s Tattoo Shop can he keep control?

    Winston has learnt the hard and violent way not to tell people he’s gay. Barely surviving a vicious attack has left him wary and when feelings surface for his new assistant Lee, he knows better than to act on them. The guy’s married after all and it would be really unprofessional. But when there’s a hotel mix-up can Winston keep control or will sparks fly?

    This book is a steamy sexy exploration of first time Gay Romance, a tale of self-discovery and exploration, blossoming love and hot sex.