Jason Wellnitz

  • Fifty States of Grace by Jason Wellnitz

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    Austin Trenton is walking towards a warm, bright light.

    Is his life over?

    No, it’s just beginning.


    Today he walks out of prison. He’s been in for the last eighteen months. Before the incident he was the pastor of a large and growing church. Then an old man approached him after a service for a favor. Austin impulsively agreed to help, a decision that changed everything.

    Austin’s been framed and has no idea who or why. He’s lost everything while in prison. Just as he reaches the end of his endurance, sitting in his cell, he finds a letter from his Grandfather hidden in an old book. As he reads, hope returns. His Grandfathers has set up a special project for him. A project that will take Austin to each of the fifty states.

    Today his life begins again.

    This eBook is the introduction to the Fifty States Of Grace series, a crowdsourced series of short novels set in different U.S. states. Help decide the next state Austin will visit at jasonwellnitz.com or kickstarter.com. Help shape what this series will become!