Jamaica Sinclair

  • A Quickie: A Compilation of Erotic Shorts by Jamaica Sinclair, JD Duval, Jolie Saxon, Brien Michaels

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    Who said you couldn’t have “A Quickie” at work or in the parking lot of your children’s school? With this compilation of short erotic stories “A Quickie” can be had anywhere you can find time to read.

    Four authors…nine stories…and an assortment of sexually charged scenarios that will bring you to speedy satisfaction.

    A Quickie: A Compilation of Erotic Shorts includes:

    Quick by Jolie Saxon

    Being in control of what one demands, quick, fast and in a hurry.

    The Subway by Jamaica Sinclair

    Running late for the subway causes a new found love interest to be born.

    Been Such a Long Time by JD Duval

    A failed relationship brings up an old flame.

    Don't You Dare by Brien Michaels

    Two guys take a chance at what each other wants.

    Not Finished by Jolie Saxon

    A life of love that still has a story to tell.

    Pinch Me by Jamaica Sinclair

    When infidelity leads to a couple rekindling their love for each other.

    Follow Me by JD Duval

    A boat ride as a fringe benefit for an amateur paparazzi.

    Learning Me by Jamaica Sinclair

    Coming into one’s own sexuality causes a rainy night to remember

    Off Limits by JD Duval

    Will forbidden passion lead to something more?