J.D. Carson

  • Path to His Love by J.D. Carson

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    Jessica is studying engineering at a local community college before she transfers to one of the big schools. She’s an excellent student with a mind for mechanical engineering. Her studies and personal life are not fulfilling her. Jessica seeks help from the school counselor. She finds out the old counselor has been replaced by Kevin. A devout Christian who has returned to the states from missionary work in Africa, Kevin is also a certified counselor.

    Young and possessing boyish charm, he makes a lasting impression on Jessica both romantically and spiritually. Her deep doubts about the goodness in life and spirituality is one of the biggest obstacles to her salvation. It is also her greatest asset.

    This short is part one of a series in which a young woman finds her way to God. She realizes the fulfilling and meaningful life she can have when she accepts Jesus as her savior. This journey is not an easy one and contains many obstacles and pitfalls.

    Path to His Love is approx. 5,000 words and a work of short fiction.

    Be well and God bless!

    – J.D. Carson