Guy Benton

  • The Taste by Guy Benton

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    Kurt Tanner’s hobby is women. From young to old, he’s loved them all.

    Highly erotic and at times downright filthy, Volume 1 tells the tale of Kurt’s obsession with a beautiful nubile girl who has entered his life. Her youthful innocence contrasts sharply with her well developed body and Kurt’s instincts are checked when he struggles to confirm her age. When he does finally land her, he’s in for a surprise, suddenly having to learn some of the new tricks that she needs to stay satisfied. But then there’s his other lover who’s much older – she has specific needs too. When Kurt discovers a plan to keep them all happy, he finds himself delving deeper into the world of the taboo.

    Characters are 18 and over. Strong mature content with deviant subject matter – Adults only.