GM. O’Neill

  • Hunting For Yayoi: Holding On by GM. O’Neill

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    23 year-old singing sensation Yayoi lives a double life. She is Yaya the J-pop idol, a wildly popular music phenomenon. But Yayoi is also the wife of a self-destructive actor, whose family owns the marketing machine that owns her. Yayoi wants to grow as an artist beyond Yaya and she desperately wants a divorce.

    A promotional video shoot in New Zealand gives her the opportunity to escape and reboot. But her adventure has costs, and unexpected dangers—including the allure of a young man, who is everything her husband is not. She hijacks the young guy’s car and his plan for a weekend hunting trip in the mountains with a childhood friend.

    Out of her depth, her decisions have radical consequences for her career, her family, and all around her. She is not ready for the cascade of events unleashed by the reappearance of her estranged husband. She must find her feet, and fast.