Genre Romance

  • A Demon’s Desire by Marie Mason

    0 out of 5

    Rafe Conroy was one determined demon-determined to get back to the woman he’d left behind as he’d searched for a way to break the Conroy family curse. A curse that kept him bound in servitude to the Prince of Darkness. But Rafe wasn’t the only one searching for Julie Evans. When he escapes from hell for what he hopes is the last time, he finds her surrounded by shifters determined to take her.

    Like hell. She. Was. His.

    Julie’s life had been turned upside down when the handsome and carefree demon had strolled into the diner where she worked late one night. He’d ordered a piece of apple pie and left-with her. Eager to shed her good-girl persona, Julie went willingly into the demon’s arms-and his bed.

    Two months later, abandoned and alone, she almost regretted her decision as paranormals swarmed around her, determined to take her with them-or worse.

    When Rafe steps in to save the day, Julie must decide if she can trust the demon to protect her-and not break her heart again.