• Burn For Me by JH Croix

    0 out of 5

    One alpha man. One bossy woman. A fire that won’t die.

    Once upon a time, Amelia was my everything. Until I lost her. Now I have a second chance, and I want her back.

    She’s never forgiven me for something I didn’t even do. I’ve never forgiven her for believing the worst.

    One look and the years apart go up in smoke. She’s all I ever wanted. A snappy attitude and the nerve to bring me to my knees.

    We have seven years of bitterness tangled up between us. Yet, I can’t stay away.

    The fire burns too hot. She’ll be mine. For keeps this time.

    *This is a full-length standalone romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

  • The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1) by Abigail Owen

    0 out of 5

    Finn Conleth leads his team of enforcer dragon shifters with an iron fist and a cold heart. Every dragon seeks his destined mate, but the process to turn the woman he once thought was his killed her and devastated him. He will never risk his heart again. His team is his family now. When his body eventually gives out, he’ll leave, living his last days alone.

    Delaney Hamilton moved across the country to escape the freak fires that plague her. But when another suspicious fire erupts and rapidly escalates around her, her hopes for a new life go up in smoke. She has no choice but to turn to the mysterious men who come to her aid.

    Finn knows the fire is dragon-caused, which puts Delaney’s problems directly in his jurisdiction. No matter how her wounded grey eyes call to every part of him, he refuses to risk her life in the mating process.

    Until another dragon threatens to claim Delaney for his own, and Finn has to sacrifice everything to keep her alive…

  • Bayou My Love by Lauren Faulkenberry

    0 out of 5

    Enza Parker has a problem: inheriting her grandmother’s house brings back painful memories—and puts her in the path of the most alluring man she’s ever met. Seduced by the bayou and sexy firefighter Jack, she’s determined to unearth her family’s secrets. She just didn’t count on Bayou Sabine capturing her heart. When a dangerous person from Jack’s past appears, she must decide: is it worth the risk to start over in Bayou Sabine, or must she leave it behind for good?

  • Everything Bared (Six-Alarm Sexy, Book Two) by Kristine Cayne @KristineCayne

    0 out of 5

    NEW RELEASE! Erotic Romance ~ 4.9 stars on 15 reviews

    Two polar opposites–she’s kinky, he’s uptight–discover they share a taboo desire that may destroy both their futures.

    Firefighter Dani Harris has always wanted a family, but doesn’t think it’s possible because of her demanding, high-stakes career. Her sex life is as high-adrenaline as her job, and that’s just one more thing that makes her unsuitable to be a wife and mother. Her secret kink–exhibitionism–has gotten in the way of more than one relationship. Will she ever find a man who not only shares her wild fantasies, but loves her for them?

    Burdened with ensuring the success of the struggling family business, William Caldwell IV needs a wife suited for a CEO–one with money and connections, who can manage his busy social life and raise their 2.5 children. He’s got everything all mapped out, but when he meets Dani, a woman who’s every kind of wrong, she taps into desires he’s only half-recognized and long-suppressed. Suddenly his carefully crafted five-year plan feels as confining as a straightjacket.

    As Dani and Will’s sexual experimentation escalates, they test the limits of polite society by baring all and risking exposure–an exposure that could cost them their reputations and careers.