Fiona Wells

  • Rendezvous in the Clouds- Billionaire Boss Office Romance Hunter’s Catch Book 1 by Fiona Wells

    0 out of 5

    When Sarah’s new, extremely wealthy boss takes over her company, she has no idea what kinds of romantic, steamy delights await her in the most lavish of circumstances!

    Sarah Carter is an everywoman with a dry wit, dealing with the stresses of bills and caring for a sick mother. Her new billionaire boss is about to change things up in ways that she never dreamed of. This story contains explicit sexual descriptions and complex emotions. It is meant for people 18 and over!

  • The Billionaire’s Ball: BBW Billionaire Boss Erotic Romance by Fiona Wells

    0 out of 5

    Fresh off the high of her whirlwind love with her employer’s bad boy brother, Vivian attends a work-related event on an extravagant boat which will play host to a masked ball. She has plenty of sexy, romantic surprises in store!

  • The Billionaire’s Brother: BBW Billionaire Boss Erotic Romance by Fiona Wells

    0 out of 5

    Vivian is a curvy, intelligent woman who isn’t generally given to flights of lust, but that’s about to change in a big way. This book skirts the boundary between emotionally nuanced romance and something far dirtier. It is meant for people 18 and over! “Ben!” She stood quickly and in front of him. The silly and pleasing sight of him in a towel had easily been overridden by her overflowing pity for his pain. She’d felt like a screw-up many times in her life and to know how devastating the feeling was on the human heart…It pushed her smart sarcasm aside. It was times like this that she thanked her mother and father for being two kind psychologists who always urged compassion for even the most frustrating of people. He turned slowly to her, but still looked down at the floor. “It’s OK to make mistakes. We’ll be able to work together and get you back into fighting shape, you know? I’ll do anything I can for you!”