Fiction - Regency Historical Romance

  • One Destined Encounter by William Newell

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    A Tale Of Destined Love, Filled With Twists And Turns Sure To Engage And Inspire…“One Quiet Town…” A quiet town on the Welsh border has been shaken up by the arrival of a new mill. More commonly seen in the north of the country, the mill is dirty, disruptive, and in disrepair. What’s more, a pair of Americans have been brought over to turn around the disheveled machine to bring it back to its long lost state of glory. One is big, loud, and boorish. His behavior with the poor English workers is abysmal. “One Lonely Man…” The other much quieter man, Benjamin Stoker, is trying to blend into proper English society with his new riches. He’s as different from the others as night and day, but they are often thrown in together and lumped in by the locals. All he wants is to make his new life work. With the lack of trust in the region, he can see it’s going to be a tough sell. It doesn’t help that he’s increasingly lonely and despondent two years after the tragic death of his wife in childbirth. “One Eccentric Father…” Charlotte Forrest’s father is a retired sea captain forced into early retirement at the height of the Napoleonic Wars as a consequence of growing senility and eccentricities. He’s bitter about his retirement, but there is a slight connection to an ancient baronial title and – thanks to one successful battle and the associated prize, his family is well-enough off to get by. This however is unlikely to last – and the family knows it…yet they can’t stop spending. “One Struggling Daughter…” With a mother who is becoming increasingly distant, a well-meaning, drunkard of a son and a sister who sees herself as constantly competing with her, Charlotte is struggling to make her home life function. She’s at just the right age to marry and start a life of her own, but there are few prospects that interest her. That is, until a chance meeting connects her to Benjamin. Do these two turn their lives right-side up, or do they continue living in the meaningless, heartless days of a hopeful future which will never come?