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  • Onslaught 1 by Dele Andersen

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    Some Vitrian children have been identified as children with special gifts and this has brought about the wrath of an evil force that is determined to wipe the gift and prophecy away.

    Onslaught 1 explains the saga around the children and Wanda Troms’ life when the thriller and mystery started almost fifteen years ago. It is a prequel to The Healing Méndez, and it recaps the mayhem around the paranormal and love-stricken life that Wanda Troms and a lot of the Vitrian children had to face. They have been identified as children who have the gift of The Chosen and now their parents must do all in their power to protect them. But can anyone protect them from the evil that is about to be unleashed on them.

    Onslaught 1 describes the ordeal that the Vitrian children and their parents had to go through just so they can ensure the children survived. Who would survive and how far would a mother or father go to save their child?