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  • Romance Erotica: Intricate Fallacie by Mary Avice Wilcox

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    “You looked taller in the photos.” She said, standing by the table-side.

    Astrid had her usual work clothes on; a set of items she was very proud to wear all the time. A long, slender black dress which was accentuated with a coat that was just short of her tummy. There was something about black and its mysterious charm that made her feel powerful in the courtroom.

    Although at the Bellinni’s, it made her feel slightly out of place.

  • Romantic Erotica: The Loveless Outlaws by Mary Avice Wilcox

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    The Loveless Outlaws

    “Gary shall love the tellers once again, will he not?” The Indian asked. The other cowboy nodded and snickered. They weren’t called the Loveless Outlaws for nothing.

  • Romance Erotica: Night of Pleasure and Love by Mary Avice Wilcox

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    If you love hot, naughty, unexpectedness and romance…take and look inside these satisfying books!

    WARNING: Contains scenes of steamy HOT stories ! Adults Only!

    5 Short Stories:

    Night of Pleasure and Love

    She Invited Him to Tea

    Passionate Weekend

    Uncontrollable Jealousy

  • A Beast For The Eyes by Jada Turner

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    Don’t Miss This Steamy Shifter Mates Romance Novel!!

  • My Very Naughty Designer by J.C. Cummings

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    When Heather Byrnes needs a foxy outfit for her upcoming high school reunion, her best friends hires a designer for her. The good news is that Karl Johannsson is one gorgeous Scandinavian is one hot specimen of masculinity who has his hands all over her body as he very thoroughly takes her measurements for her new clothes. Heather can definitely deal with that! Too bad he’s as gay as gay can be.

    Then again, might Karl have a surprise waiting for Heather up his sleeve… or elsewhere? Things are never as they seem…

    WARNING: This 5,200 word story contains hot, heavy, and desperate sex between a virile, hot, and horny Swede and his sexy, well-dressed, and very confused client.

  • WANTS by Ana Lee

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    This hot and steamy short story is the perfect quick fix to curl your toes and indulge your inner fantasies.

    Cassidy is a fun loving woman who wants to have it all, except for one thing, Jared Hollister. But once she finds herself pulled into his world, she begins an erotic journey of self-discovery that unravels all of her opinions about him.

    The more that Cassidy learns along the way, the more she wants to know about this dark and mysterious man that she loves to hate. But, at each turn she’s left with more questions than answers. Will she discover the mysteries that lie within? Read and find out…

  • Tarnished Innocence by Channing Mack

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    Tarnished Innocence is a collection of three short stories of young women changing into adulthood, still learning what they’re capable of.

    Join three different women in their early 20’s as they release some of the built up frustrations of their teen years and let loose, acting on basic human impulse.

    These are the stories of young women being taken physically and emotionally by men who are over twice their age.

    Alyssa is an uptight nurse who is a member of the Mormon community. She married young and is altogether inexperienced in love and life. On a Night Shift she leaves behind all the strict guidelines of her church and lets loose with one of the male patients who she has to clean late at night when nobody is around.

  • A Night of Temptation by Laurene Garnett

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    “A Night of Temptation” is The First Short Story of “Give Me One More Chance” Series : After two years of her divorce, Elizabeth still struggles to forget her ex-husband, Jeremy. But, all her efforts get wasted when one night, she meets Jeremy again and experience the wildest night in her life.