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  • Shades of Menage: Romance Menage Boxed Set by Jan Springer

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    Shades of Menage Boxed Set : Four Book Romance Menage Collection

    A fast-acting virus has been unleashed, killing a vast majority of the world’s female population, forcing the introduction of the Claiming Law. A law that states women are property that can only be claimed by groups of men…The Outlaw brothers are coming home to claim their women in “Jude Outlaw” and “The Claiming”, Books 1 and 2 in the Outlaw Lovers series…

    In the future…for population control, each human is embedded with a microchip that supresses the urge to mate…centuries later…A rebel group of young doctors are secretly tampering with their microchips and experimenting with intimacy. Now they search for allies who can help them with their cause – to eventually free mankind in the Dystopian Romance Menage stories “Perfect” & “Imperfect”