erotic romance boxed set

  • All in – The men on their knees boxset books 1-3: Broken in, Blooming in, and Buying in by Ash Light

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    Broken In – Daniel – Owning an adult club was supposed to be fun, but all I really want is to find a Mistress who will break me down and get me on my knees – I just can’t tell anyone.
    Blooming In – Fame and fortune have opened doors for me, There’s nothing I can’t have. Except my own sexual freedom. The scandal of being a male sub would end my career. Instead, I wrap my body in leathers and wear a mask to play. No one knows who I really am, and I need it to stay that way.
    Buying In – Jessica – I’ve come up with a plan to pay my debts – sell my anal virginity. I play in the lifestyle, so why not cash in on my hard limit? Theo – When I see the new auction creating a stir in the lifestyle, I know I need to help stop this woman from making the same mistakes I once did. But how much can I overstep the lines of confidant when I would rather have her as a Mistress.

  • Only You Can Attract Me by Greatwrites

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    Damian is a cosmetic surgeon who desires to find true love. After some failed relationship, he traveled to the Maldives to have a good time.
    Carina is a writer who started suffering from writer’s block in her second book. She traveled to the Maldives to overcome her writer’s block.
    They met in Maldive, then what will happen between the doctor and the writer?

  • Beautiful Redemption: A Limited Edition Collection of Second Chance Romances by Stephanie Morris

    0 out of 5

    What happens when your past comes knocking on your door?

    Sometimes love is that magical feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you see that special someone, and sometimes it’s clenched jaws when you remember the pain that they tattooed onto your heart. Second chances don’t always come easily, but when they do, it can be a beautiful redemption.

    Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with this collection of twenty-two second chance love stories that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

    If you love happy ever afters, be sure to one-click this amazing collection TODAY!

    Including Stories from:
    Stephanie Morris – USA Today bestselling author
    Jeanne Bannon – USA Today best selling author
    Krista Ames – USA Today Bestselling Author
    JoMarie DeGioia
    Kaye Kennedy
    Allyson R Abbott
    Roxy Wilson
    K.L. Shandwick
    Lisa Wood
    Katia Kozar
    Nikki Prince
    Tessa DeVante
    Vic Leigh
    Sylvie Grayson
    Abigail Sharpe
    Adina D Grey

  • The Billionaire’s Son (Parts 1 – 4 Boxed Set) by Arabella Quinn

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    The Billionaire’s Son – The Serial

    The Billionaire’s Son is an eight part erotic romance series packed with intrigue, danger, secrets, powerful billionaires, clandestine sex clubs and sizzling sex scenes. The heroine, Julia, has nothing but disdain for the impossibly sexy, Derek, when they first meet. He’s an arrogant, spoiled playboy who seems to catch Julia at every turn in humiliating and compromising situations. As the mystery unfolds, Julia and Derek are thrown together and sparks fly. Ultimately, they not only find the answers they are searching for, but much more than they ever expected.

    The Billionaire’s Son Parts 1-4 Boxed Set includes the following episodes that are also published as singles:

    The Billionaire’s Son: At the request of Jackson Vaughn himself, Julia has been working at the billionaire’s estate for weeks. In all the time she’s been there, she has never run into a single soul besides staff. One day, after showering off at the poolside cabana, Julia discovers her clothes missing. Her timing couldn’t be worse, because today there’s a special visitor.

    The Billionaire’s Son 2: Masquerade – When Julia gets invited to the charity masquerade ball by her billionaire boss, Jackson Vaughn, she hesitates to attend. Would Jackson’s sexy son, Derek, be in attendance? After their humiliating first meeting, Julia wants to steer clear of the arrogant bastard. But with her identity concealed by the elaborate costume, how far will Julia succumb to her secret desires?

    The Billionaire’s Son 3: Heart’s Desire – Despite their two humiliating encounters, Julia constantly fantasizes about her billionaire boss’ son, Derek. When she accidentally gets trapped in a room with him, Julia must face her most secret desires. Will the bad boy steal her pride once again? Or will he do much more damage – and steal her heart?

    The Billionaire’s Son 4: Secret Society Orgy – Heading back to her billionaire boss’ estate late one night to grab some files, Julia stumbles into a situation she could never imagine. Her boss is hosting a secret society party, which includes sexual debauchery as the main course. When Julia becomes the center attraction, only Derek can save her.