erotic horror

  • Leather Head by Matt Converse

    0 out of 5

    He’s easy on the eyes, and deadly to the touch.

    Gable is just playing dress up for San Francisco’s leather S&M fair, but Leather Head isn’t playing. His friend Shawn warns him to be careful what he’s advertising for since the community has been rocked by four brutal murders. Gable still thinks it’s all in fun, but it isn’t. Desire can be deadly.


    0 out of 5

    SATAN’S BITCH is a combination of pulp character fiction mixed with the occult, horror and dark erotica. Our heroine, Rosy Adams left her faith behind her after being f*cked over by so many men, she became a Satanic Priestess to enjoy the good things in life, and to have her revenge. After offering herself to Satan, she gets what she bargained for and more.