Dyal Bailey

  • The Artisan An Artistic Assassin Thriller by Dyal Bailey

    0 out of 5

    Beautiful biochemical assassin, Rafaela, works for the CIA making untraceable hits, wherein she infects targets with viruses that cause “natural” deaths. Burnt out, she decides to take a few days off to help a fellow scientist do the more meaningful biochemistry she longs to someday embrace.

    Little does she know, her colleague is unwittingly being used as bait. His request for her help is step one in luring her straight into a deadly web. And although she thinks she’s impervious to being made vulnerable in any way, she arrives on her seemingly innocuous vacation and soon falls in love!

    By the time she realizes this strike of Cupid’s arrow is part two in the evil design of her sadistic nemesis—it’s already too late.