• Daddy’s Demands: Twenty-Five Steamy Daddy Dom Romance Novellas by Sara Fields

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    These daddies don’t ask for obedience. They demand it.

    Daddy’s Demands is a collection of decadently dirty daddy dom romances from some of the hottest authors in the genre. This deliciously naughty box set includes twenty-five brand-new, stand-alone novellas featuring steaming hot, irresistibly sexy adventures with the baddest daddies imaginable. Good girls be warned: your obedience will be demanded on September 18th.

    Featured Authors: Madison Faye, Renee Rose, Loki Renard, Maggie Ryan, Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley, Lee Savino, J.L. Beck, Jane Henry, Isabella Laase, Kelly Dawson, Sara Fields, Kara Kelley, Measha Stone, Amelia Smarts, Mary Wehr, Maddie Taylor, Meredith O’Reilly, Morganna Williams, Katherine Deane, Alexis Alvarez, Shelly Douglas, Sassa Daniels, Marlee Wray, and Rory Reynolds

  • Low Country Daddy by Lexi Whitlow

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    I never wanted to be tied down. No commitments. No family. Until baby Emma showed up on my doorstep…

    I was just a man and his boat, wild and free, roaming the Carolina coastlines.
    I wasn’t tied down or bound to anyone.
    Until she appeared — the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.
    Bright green eyes, just like mine. And a smile that melted my heart.
    Emma, my baby girl, abandoned at my estate in the middle of a scorching day.
    That was the day my world changed.
    And the day I needed Maddie more than ever.

    Maddie’s a single mom. She’s been through hell.
    And she’s the most beautiful, smart-mouthed woman I’ve ever met.
    When she offers to help me through the sleepless nights,
    I can’t refuse her.
    Soon, Emma isn’t the only person I want to cherish and protect.
    And Maddie is making my nights sleepless in a whole different way.
    Somehow, they’re becoming the family I never expected.
    When custody for Emma is in jeopardy — and Maddie’s future is on the line,
    I know I was a man meant to be tied down.
    And I’ll do anything to keep us all together.

    Low Country Daddy is the sweetest, steamiest beach read you’ll need for the month of June. School is out, the pool is open, and this hot single dad is sunbathing shirtless on his boat. Lexi hates cheating and cliffhangers, so you won’t find that here. Enjoy!

  • Daddy’s Little Girl by Sexxi Lexxi

    0 out of 5

    Daddy’s Little Girl is a carnal tale of seduction that teases the reader as it guides them through this devious game of cat and mouse between an inexperienced young woman and her handsome, former stepfather. Only instead of cheese, the prize is sex.

  • Don’t You Dare Pull Out (a taboo quickie) by L Hannover

    0 out of 5

    After spending her high school years at an all-girls school, Lexie returns home to meet her mother’s new husband. It turns out he’s just what she’s been looking for—a handsome, strong older man who can be her Daddy and guide her into womanhood. But will Frank be willing to cheat on his wife…with her own daughter? One thing’s for sure, once things get going, there’s no way that Daddy’s gonna pull out!