Cynthia Rayne

  • Rough Ride by Cynthia Rayne

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    Buckle up, Kate, it’s going to be a rough ride.

  • Wild Ride by Cynthia Rayne

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    The road to temptation.


    I'm many things–a rock star, a former junkie, and a reality show husband. Since my life went down in flames, I've been paying for my past sins, but it's a struggle. Soon, I'm releasing my first solo album and going on a world tour.

    If my darker impulses don't drag me down again.

    It's wrong, but I want Poppy Bishop, my own stepdaughter. The obsession's been brewing for the past couple of years, but I haven't acted on it. Yet.


    As the daughter of a famous actress, I've grown up in the spotlight. My mom married a rock star on a reality show to give her career a boost. The publicity stunt worked, and our lives have been a media circus ever since.

    Soon, I'll be graduating from college and moving across the country. I'm hoping my mother's spotlight won't follow me.

    There's just one problem. I have an impossible crush on my stepfather, Sebastian Cross.