contemporary romance

  • Million Dollar Date by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    A lighthearted tale that will make you smile & let you believe that dreams really do come true.

    Abigail Apple is running late to meet her blind date when she’s pulled over for speeding. Unfortunately, the follow-the-rules cop doesn’t care that she’s late, let alone that she’s heartbroken because her favorite dog rescue is in danger of being closed. Now she has to meet her date with mud drying on her heels, dog hair covering her dress, and the smell of a barn perfuming her hair. When she arrives, however, Abigail learns her handsome blind date is none other than the cop who pulled her over.

    Abigail has no intention of staying until she learns Cooper Hill is heading a committee for the city that will award a six-figure donation to a charity of their choice. So, what’s a girl to do? Abigail decides a second date is the perfect way to convince Cooper to vote for the dog rescue. Soon, however, Abigail is less interested in Cooper’s vote than she is in his deep voice, kind heart, and tender touch.

    Will this follow-the-rules cop and this follows-her-heart animal lover learn that despite poor first impressions, second chances can lead to love?

  • More Than Friends by Kimolisa Mings

    0 out of 5

    Imani wasn’t looking for love but she discovers that Mr. Right is right at her finger tips. But when faced with having a friend becoming a lover, Imani hesitates, a decision she now regrets.

  • Samba, sex and self-loathing by Syd Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Amy, the proud owner of a geriatric womb but a sensational libido is absolutely terrified of turning forty and appears to be on a collision course of self-destruction via her addiction of cocaine, booze, masturbating, and having sex with utter arseholes (sometimes literally). 

    On the verge of losing her reputable job, shrouded in her mother’s disapproval and constantly being rescued by her unimpressed brother, after drinking enough in cubic meters to fill a lake, Amy decides to run away to her beloved Rio de Janeiro, in search of her happily ever after. 

    Reuniting with her gorgeous, ex-pat, lady friends who are as equally promiscuous and tragic as she and needing to get knee-deep in Latino lovers before settling down, she accidently falls in love with a twenty-three-year-old. Not entirely what she’d planned. Amy starts to realise that perhaps happily ever after isn’t quite what she is searching for after all. 

    Samba, sex and self-loathing delves into contemporary social pressures for women in their late thirties, with wit and realism. Set in the exotic but dangerous city of Rio de Janeiro, this book touches on the highs and lows of Brazilian culture, from colourful carnival to life-threatening shoot-outs. It’s a tale of friendship between four independent women and one philandering closeted bi-sexual man. Enjoying the perks of living in Brazil- that being hot, passionate lovers everywhere. All searching for love and happiness in their own misguided way. 

    Amy’s multinational besties include:
    Anka- the straight-talking Russian, a successful business tycoon, opposed to monogamy and partial to a swingers’ club.
    Scottish Hannah- disillusioned by men but deafened by her Big Ben biological clock.
    Irish Roisin- a serial dater, desperate for love and then finding it with an ex-sex worker.
    Finally, rampant local Leandro- who is trapped in his metaphorical closet, forced shut by his evangelical parents.

  • The Double Date Disaster by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    A heartfelt & hilarious tale about a workaholic whose blind sushi date turns into a whitewater rafting disaster that puts love at the top of her to-do list.

  • Tattoo My Love (Book Two of the VANISHED TATTOO Series) by Stacey Lynn Hafner

    0 out of 5

    Get ready for the scorching hot 2nd installment of the thrilling VANISHED Series with Tattoo My Love!

    This steamy and suspenseful romance returns you to Vanished Tattoos, this time focusing on Jax, delivering an even more gripping and enticing storyline.

    Jackson “Jax” Hall can’t resist the allure of Riley Abbott’s kind gray eyes and wide smile, but his loyalty to his best friend, Lucas Abbott, keeps him from acting on his desires. However, when Riley asks Jax for help with her students, their chemistry becomes impossible to ignore.

    As Riley moves on from a devastating breakup, she’s determined to follow her heart and explore the passion she feels for Jax. But when danger lurks around the corner, Jax must make a heart-wrenching decision to keep Riley safe, even if it means cutting himself out of her life entirely.

    Will Jax and Riley be able to resist the burning desire between them, or will their undeniable attraction consume them both?

  • Date to the Rescue by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    Lucy Remington takes cooking lessons to attract a stable, uncomplicated guy and ends up falling for hot and spicy firefighter Jake Bryant after she accidentally sets her kitchen on fire.

    Super organized Lucy Remington is done getting burned by unreliable men, so she’s giving up hot and spicy and holding out for reliable and responsible. When her friend sets her up on a blind date, she agrees to make dinner for a man who sounds like the very definition of stable: an accountant.

    The only problem? Lucy is the queen of toasters and takeout. But she’s determined to make a home cooked dinner for her upcoming date. Instead of whipping up a delicious meal on her trial run, though, she ends up setting her kitchen on fire! Even worse, she finds herself in the arms of a handsome man who makes her heart race.

    Firefighter Jake Bryant may be a genuine hero, but he’s like the curry Lucy wishes she could make–hot, delicious, and unforgettable. Therefore he’s a dating mistake waiting to happen. Despite the fact that Jake makes her laugh and she craves his company, Lucy’s mind is made up: she’s sticking to the date with the uncomplicated accountant.

    To Lucy’s surprise, Jake offers to teach her how to cook so she can impress her blind date. Confident in her willpower, she agrees. Soon, however, Lucy’s hungering for sweet icing more than plain old flour. Can Jake rescue Lucy’s sautéing technique? And with a little cayenne here and a dash of chili pepper there, can he rescue her heart, as well?

  • Better Date than Never Collection (Books 1-5) by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    This fresh, flirty and fabulous book collection includes five sweet romance novellas from the USA TODAY bestselling Better Date than Never series.

  • Once Upon a Date by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    Aspiring author Michelle Moss meets her Prince Charming at a Masquerade Ball only to discover the man behind the mask is Brooks Keller, the editor who just rejected her manuscript and the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart.

    It wasn’t a glass slipper that Michelle Moss left behind at the Masquerade Ball, but a beat up laptop. Her driver remained human, her ride didn’t turn into a pumpkin, and thank goodness she didn’t see any mice waiting for her in her condo. But Michelle did spontaneously kiss her masked Prince Charming and was determined to find him.

    Tracking down her missing laptop using a locator app, she fully expected birds to sing, rice to fall from the sky, and the credits to roll when she found her potential true love. Instead, she found the editor, Brooks Keller, who rejected her modern fairytale manuscript. He told her the book was unrealistic, unimaginable, and unpublishable. Oh, and he’s also the ex who dumped her in high school.

    Michelle urgently needs the book advance to bail her not-so-wicked but irresponsible stepbrother out of a financial mess. But she doesn’t want to change her fairytale ending. So, Michelle and Brooks make a deal: they will retrace her character’s steps from the book and if Brooks falls head over heels for Michelle then Brooks will publish the book Michelle’s way. If not, then Michelle will make the requested changes.

    As Michelle tests out the life she always dreamed of, she discovers the chemistry with Brooks is still there after all these years. She knows Brooks is only playing the part of the hero, but everything feels so real. If she acts on her feelings, though, will he break her heart a second time?

  • The Friendly Cottage by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    A sweet story of friendship and finding love, with all the happy feels.

    Megan dreams of making a living as an artist and a small town contest is the chance to make that happen. But insecurities about her unique style make her doubt she has what it takes. Will her best friend’s older brother inspire her to follow her inner voice that she is all she needs and the woman he’s always loved?

    From a New York Times bestselling author, dive into this beach read to see how believing in yourself opens opportunities and leads to true love in THE FRIENDLY COTTAGE.

  • Driven to Date by Susan Hatler

    0 out of 5

    When Jill Parnell’s promotion is nabbed by nepotism, she is offered another position on the partner-track, by pretending to date Ryan—the man who got her job.

    Career-driven attorney, Jill Parnell, has worked long and hard to become a partner at Corbett, Gray, & Shaw. When the coveted position is given to the boss’s nephew, she does what any intelligent employee would do—attends a colleague’s wedding and schmoozes a high-powered partner at another law firm.

    Her potential new boss has only one condition for her, that she demonstrate a personal life that will support a thriving career. Pretending to have a boyfriend is outside Jill’s comfort zone, but she invites the best man to act the part and Ryan is all-too eager to play her significant other. Sparks fly between them, but she reminds herself she’s only driven to date to get back on the partner track.

    When Jill discovers Ryan is the lawyer who stole her promotion, her charade threatens to implode. But breaking off their pretend relationship could cost her the job of her dreams. And the more she gets to know Ryan, the more she’s tempted to tame the bad boy, and make him her own.