comedy love story

  • Dempsey’s Grill by Bryan Fagan

    0 out of 5

    Dempsey’s Grill is a life-affirming story of young adults struggling to find their place in the grown-up world while still following their dreams.

    Gibson thought he had it all: A beautiful girlfriend, a respectable job as a teacher, and the world’s most comfy couch – that is until he gets fired and his girlfriend kicks him out.
    Forced to move back in with his parents, he slowly begins to pick up the pieces of a life he’s realizing he never even wanted.

    Back in his hometown Gibson reconnects with his high school best friend, Dempsey and his former lover, Gail. The trio gathers their meager savings and risks it all on opening a restaurant.

    But things spiral out of control as they confront drug dealers, Dempsey’s growing attraction to Gibson’s sister, and Gail’s engagement to a long-haul trucker.

    Can the trio of never-beens put aside their past failures, face the challenges of the restaurant industry, and find a place where love, friendship, and even hope, can bloom?

  • Grounds For Divorce by Remy Maisel

    0 out of 5

    In a case of badly mistaken identity, Emily, a down-on-her-luck paralegal intern, is recruited by the State Department to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Only this time they want it handled as a divorce settlement. There’s just one problem – they’ve got the wrong Emily Price. They think they’ve hired a real lawyer, and one with Middle East expertise. This one is a paralegal at an advertising firm or was a paralegal until she got fired.
    Luckily, she has a wealth of experience with acrimonious divorces. At least, she has the experience of her parents’ disastrous divorce. Plus, she went to Hebrew school. If she survived that, how much harder can this be? She’ll have help from a team from the State Department, and from her ex-fiancé, Mike, who’s now lecturing at the Hebrew University. Upon arrival in Jerusalem, though, she soon realizes that not only is the job going to be slightly harder than she thought, but Mike might still be a little angry with her for the way she responded to his proposal. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the ghosts of relationships past are back to haunt her. Letting go of the family trauma that has tainted her whole life will be crucial if she’s going to succeed in finding any kind of peace – but what if it won’t stay in the past?

  • forever my love neils story by amber lee

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    A youthful enthusiastic author with an astonishing romantic tale. Golden Lee is a remarkable writer who composes youthful grown-up lighthearted comedy to give a perfect work of art to her perusers. She has as of late composed a book called “Always My Love: Neil’s Story.” In her book, she has communicated her sentiments and feelings through words. Her book is a masterpiece that depicts the tale of two frantically enamored people willing to stand directly alongside one another through various challenges. Out of the considerable number of hindrances the couple appearances and hardships that can without much of a stretch separate them, they choose to stand tall and set a model for every one of the sweethearts out there.