Christine Carminati

  • Revenge by Christine Carminati

    0 out of 5

    After the surrender of the Confederacy, Southerners from war ravaged states migrated to Texas looking for a fresh start. Some were violent, greedy men looking for easy takings. They didn’t plan on having to deal with Hannah.

    Hannah O’Reilly is a woman on a mission to hunt down the men who raided her Texas homestead. She will stop at nothing until every one of her attackers answers for his crimes — even if she must risk her life, her place in society, and her immortal soul to do it.

    U.S. Marshal Hezekiah Coe must recapture the men his grandfather, a corrupt federal judge, set free — even if it means partnering with an infamous female bounty hunter.

    Forced into an uneasy alliance, Hannah and Hezekiah battle renegade Comanche, vicious outlaws, and the undeniable attraction they feel for each other.