Chantella Abington

  • Beach Threesomes by Chantella Abington

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    Free June 16-17, 2014!

    Lissa practices law … and uninhibited sex. During a break from business wheeling and dealing, Lissa heads to a beach house for X-rated explorations with Carly, her exhibitionist friend-with-benefits, and a hunky lawyer from her firm who promises to invite some friends. Will the arrival of the firm’s sexy owner end the beach threesomes … or will the new math provide new possibilities for naked fun?

    1,001 Days & Nights of Erotic Fun

    Come along for the ride in chapters such as ‘Spank You For That,’ ‘Skype Sex,’ and ‘Sex Is The Best Revenge.’ MF, FF, MFF … Just how many climaxes can one story have?

    After 1,001 days and nights spent exploring her sexuality, will Lissa settle for just one erotic dish on the menu … and if so, will it be Jake, Carly, Ryan, Luke, or Bella … or the stranger who pushes Lissa to the limit, to be introduced in one of the future Hot Tales of a Legal Beaver?

    This quick tale is FOR ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY!