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  • A Brush With Fame by Melinda Hazen

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    What if by chance you met a famous person? And he wants you.

    Makeup artist Rafaella Hamilton accepts a one-day sub position on a Hollywood movie set. When a stranger returns a pen she drops, she doesn’t realize she’s met and mistaken for a member of the crew the lead of the movie, British heartthrob Evan Hutchinson.

    As the pair continue to see each throughout the day, Evan finds himself increasingly intrigued. Rafaella’s pretty, likable, and has made him laugh. And now he wants to know more. But she won’t be back tomorrow—unless Evan can make sure she will.

    An unusual job offer is extended to Rafaella to finish out the film as Evan’s personal makeup artist. The opportunity promises to provide much alone time for the two to become acquainted. Rafaella sees Evan as charming, personable, and funny—unlike most actors she’s come across—and now, apparently interested in her. Is there hope for love and a happily ever after in Evan’s A-list world?

    Their love story is sweet but entails drama beyond what the couple can foresee.

  • Rock My Beat by Everly Bloom

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    -Jimmy Sharp-

    -Jenna O’Hare-

  • His German Hardness- Hot Celebrity Encounters Issue 1 by Gia P

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    Giavanna Lacey is a rising entertainment journalist with stars in her eyes.

    It’s her big dream to have her own entertainment news show and become a celebrity in her own right.

    Gia is smart, savvy and determined to make it to the top of her industry but she often gets side tracked when she allows herself

    to get too close to the celebrities she’s interviewing. Every hot celebrity encounter is an adventure for

    Gia that tests her desire to make it to the top.

    Bio: Giavanna Presley was born in small town Ohio but she always had big city dreams.

    As soon as she was legal she moved to Southern California where she started out as a groupie *coughs* stalker…

    to a diverse string of musicians, actors, wanabees and has-beens.