Cammie Cummins

  • A Taboo Lesbian Collection by Cammie Cummins

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    A Taboo Lesbian Collection: A Lesbian Romance Bundle

    Seven naughty taboo tales – Cougars and kittens, MILFs and the young girls they desire. Forbidden love, dirty desires, and wanton cravings so strong they can’t be denied. Sizzling lesbian seductions between younger girls and older women who should know better, but can’t help themselves.

  • Secret Summer of Loving Trilogy by Cammie Cummins

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    Sun. Surf. Sand. And Sexual Discovery. Is there any better way to spend the Summer?
    They all needed a vacation. And to try something a little different
    The New England winter had been particularly brutal that year. The girls, Sue, Mallory, and their friend Whitney, were high school graduates now. Eighteen and heading off to college in the Fall. Their Moms, Debbie and Marilyn, wanted this last Summer to special. They scrimped and saved and pooled their resources to rent a five-bedroom cottage on a Cape Cod beach for the summer.
    What better sendoff could they give the girls, and themselves, than a summer of sun, surf, sand, and sexual discovery—though that last part hadn’t been part of the plan!

  • Sexting, Interruptus by Cammie Cummins

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    After yet another disappointing Internet date, Mrs. H comes hope frustrated and horny. When she gets caught watching her daughter’s best friend engaged in hot phone sex, what’s young Simone to do but satisfy the beautiful MILF’s voyeuristic curiosity in a most inappropriate way.

  • Tommy & Terri by Cammie Cummins

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    Blended families are weird, am I right?
    None more so, than when Terri’s dad married Pauline and brought step-brother Tommy into Terri’s life. That night over Thanksgiving, when Tommy needed relief, things got really, really weird. While reluctant to help at first, Terri soon seized the opportunity, but it’s what happened the next day, when Terri and her step-brother were caught in the act. By whom and what they did next is what truly blew the step-siblings minds.

    Delve into this multi-generational, bisexual taboo tryst and explore a first time, virgin busting exploration of sexual freedom and release that breaks all societal boundaries.

  • Unexpected Behavior by Cammie Cummins

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    During what was to be a stern conversation, a young Cindy turns the tables on older woman Melissa, showing her a different way of thinking. What’s Melissa to do but sit back and enjoy the experience.
    Carefree bartender Cassie fills Cheryl’s night with sensual desire, mind blowing erotic experiences, and the beginning of endless possibilities.

  • Unexpected Desires by Cammie Cummins

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    While at church to renew her wedding vows, Brie gets stood up at the altar. What’s neighbor Carla to do? Why console her best friend of course, in the best way she knows how.

    When Lexie’s boss, Rachel told her they were going on a business trip together, she didn’t think anything of it. When Rachel made a pass at her, Lexie gently rebuffed the advance.
    But when they ended up booked in the same hotel room together, with only one bed, what was Lexie to do except give in and try it for the first time.

  • Wedding Bell Bliss by Cammie Cummins

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    Older, sophisticated, Manhattanite Jackie was everything Andrea dreamed she could be. Was this the way to become more like her ex-sister-in-law? Less
    Still coming to terms with her recent divorce, Andrea visits her New York chic, now ex-sister-in-law Jackie in her Manhattan loft. Over drinks and a cozy fire, Jackie reveals to Andrea a long held secret of hers. A secret that unleashes a previously unknown passion in Andrea, a passion Jackie is more than happy to fulfill.

    Enjoy this sizzling new sex story featuring older cougar women seducing younger women and first time romantic lesbian love between taboo couples.

  • Libby & Stephanie by Cammie Cummins

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    A freshmen college stepdaughter. A lonely cougar mom. Alone, together. Will they succumb to their taboo desires?

    When cougar stepmom Libby arrives to visit stepdaughter Stephanie at college, Steph doesn’t suspect her stepmom might have an ulterior motive for the trip. But when Libby reveals a secret that shouldn’t be shared between a mother and daughter, will it ignite a long-denied yet burning desire in both women, a need long buried by each, finally requiring the scratching of an itch, or will it lead to a huge misunderstanding—a momentous mistake that can’t be undone? One that will alter their relationship forever.

    Find out in Cammie Cummins’ latest sizzling taboo lesbian seduction story featuring younger girls and older women who should know better, but can’t help themselves.

  • Ellen & Linda by Cammie Cummins

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    One lonely neighbor. Another one hot to trot and willing to swing. What starts out as a favor becomes a life-altering event. Will their friendship ever be the same?

    Ellen and Linda have been neighbors and friends for years, so when Linda asked for a favor Ellen was happy to help. But when her friend reveals she and her husband are swingers, and Matt wants to take Ellen on a date, she’s surprised and nervous, but hesitantly agrees. What happens next, takes Ellen to places she’s never dreamt of. Find out where in this steamy, sensual, sexy, taboo, cougar first time lesbian romance.

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  • Donna & Candice by Cammie Cummins

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    For fifteen years, Donna’s lived across the street from her best friend Wendy and her daughter Candice, having watched ‘Candy’ grow up into a fine young woman. So when twenty-two-year-old Candice needs a ride to the airport, Donna’s only too happy to help out. But when Donna crosses a line and Candice reciprocates with a secret desire of her own, will this cougar and kitten behave properly or will they do what they both know they shouldn’t?

    Find out in this Older-Younger Lesbian Romance