Brian Baxter

  • My Starbucks Mermaid by Brian Baxter

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    The Starbucks mermaid has always held a special appeal and fascination for the millions of customers who patronize this global coffee chain, and has become the symbol and centerpiece of one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. She has been swimming subliminally in the collective consciousness of consumers for a long time, yet until now, no one has engaged the sexuality of this enigmatic sea-goddess so directly, so provocatively, so explicitly as Brian Baxter does in this audacious account of interspecies intercourse—with a splash!

    My Starbucks Mermaid goes boldly where no man (or woman) has gone before—all the way into the mystical deeps with this seductive siren and her promise of pleasures even more compelling than caffeine. Though many suspected that the Starbucks mermaid had a wild side, who really knew that she was “a secret wanton,” harboring her own yearnings and desires, that she “would spread her legs for the right guy.” The narrative shifts deftly from the sensual to the subversive to the sublime, making this improbable love affair as real as any—in all its slippery implausibility.

    Both poetic and perverse, My Starbucks Mermaid is sure to provoke and entertain those readers who are prepared to take the plunge with the world’s most celebrated maritime maiden.