• Stephen Curry: A Sharpshooter’s Journey to the NBA & Beyond by Steve James

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    What if you could learn the secrets of Steph Curry?What if you could learn how to become a great basketball shooter, just by studying how one of the best basketball shooters in the world got to where he is today? In Stephen Curry, you’ll find out the real story behind the man’s meteoric rise of fame as one of the all-time basketball greats, gaining fans for his technique on the court and his philosophy off it. Readers will benefit from this book by learning:• A comprehensive Steph Curry biography, revealing his character and the motivational lessons that can be learned from not just what he does to stay on top, but how he got on top! • A multitude of Stephen Curry secrets, from how he trains and works out, to what habits he maintains in order to continue improving his game • What techniques and philosophy Curry brings into the court and whether he has any superstitions

    • How to become a shooter like Stephen Curry (including how many shots a day he takes)

    • An overview of the biggest successes and failures, and how it have shaped Steph’s life

    • What makes Stephen Curry special and sets him apart from other shooters?

    • Hidden gems and insider secrets you won’t find in any other Stephen Curry books.

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