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  • Trailer Park Chick Meets Chaebol Stepbrother by Isla Chiu

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    Trailer Park Chick meets Chaebol Stepbrother.

    Chaebol Stepbrother wants Trailer Park Chick.

    When Winter Zhu finds out that her mama is getting married (again), she’s skeptical. Her mama’s had bad taste in men since she can remember. To Winter’s relief, her new stepdad is nothing like her mama’s exes. He’s sweet and he has money⁠—a lot of money, it turns out.

    Unfortunately, she can’t say the same for her stepbrother Woo-bin, who’s handsome as sin but a jerk who accuses her mama of being a gold-digger. She wants nothing to do with him at first, but Woo-bin has other plans up his sleeve, including getting her in his bed…