Anna Mara

  • Why Romeo Hates Juliet by Anna Mara

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    Romance writer, Juliet Soma HATES her new neighbor, movie star Romeo Boyd.

    From the first moment they meet, when Romeo mistakes the sexy novelist for the hot stripper his friends have hired for him for the night, the duo clash and an epic war begins! And when Juliet gets the partying bad boy arrested by mistake, things only spiral down from there.

    One day, as the battle between them escalates, Juliet accidentally shoots him! When Romeo comes to, to Juliet’s horror, he has amnesia and believes that she is his wife. But does he really? No! He’s just faking it to get his revenge on her and make her his slave.

    But how far is Romeo prepared to go, especially when he finds himself falling, head-over-heels, in love with the annoying, infuriating but achingly gorgeous, big bitch next door?

    And how far will Juliet take things when she discovers how the electrifyingly, handsome bum has been playing her all along? Will she finally admit that she’s completely in love with him too? Or will she exact her own brand of secret revenge on the cad first?

    WHY ROMEO HATES JULIET is a funny, romantic comedy, emotional rollercoaster ride filled with twists & turns and highs & lows, spanning an entire summer at the beach. Over 120 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.