• Deception by Lexi Whitlow

    0 out of 5

    It’s just pretend… but this lie is starting to feel so real.

    I’m a girl from Amish country.
    That means I was supposed to be seen and not heard.
    But I’m a bad b!tch, and I left that life for good.
    Now I own my own company and I call the shots.
    I’ll never get married and be some man’s obedient little wifey.
    But my parents are in town to make amends, and this one teensy little lie will ease the tension.
    A fake boyfriend. One night only!
    After all, it’s only pretend.
    Isn’t it?

    I don’t trust anyone. That’s not how I built my billion-dollar fortune.
    And I don’t date. Casual encounters only–with a fake name.
    But when Sarah walks into my life, it feels different.
    My first mistake is agreeing to her little ploy.
    Fool her parents once, and then her friends, and we’re falling in bed together,
    And she’s screaming my name.
    I want to hear my real name on her succulent lips.
    This whole fake boyfriend thing has gotten out of control.
    We’re caught together in a web of lies–
    Lies that are so much sweeter than any bank account balance.
    I’m tempted to give up everything to get a ring on her finger,
    To show her just how much I want her — for real.

    Deception is a 60k+ full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, lots of humor, heart, and good Amish cooking. It’s the fun beach read you’ve been hoping for!

  • Dolphins for Sale by Jill Boon

    0 out of 5

    Pamela has been a good wife, devoted and willing to make her marriage work. Then her husband, Glen, is killed in a road accident and her world changes forever. A flirtation with her boss, Jeff, introduces her to passion and a chance meeting with a total stranger awakens her hidden feelings. Can she break off this affair with Jeff and concentrate on her mother who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer?
    Coming from burying her mother, Jeff fires her. Sweet revenge?
    Her life goes from bad to worse. Her son Shaun is injured at school. As she nurses her son, Pamela goes through her late husband, Glen’s old things and discovers he had a secret life
    Was Glen killed?
    Her son shows her an advert saying: DOLPHINS FOR SALE. Pamela travels to The Isle of Man intending to buy the dolphins. But fate had a surprise waiting for her. There, she discovers a world of death-defying bikers, octane junkies.
    Will Pamela find happiness here or discover this world too hot to handle?

  • Freya: The Confession (an Amish Short Story, Book 2 in the Freya Series) by Ashley Emma

    0 out of 5

    Two years ago, Freya Wilson accidentally hit an Amish man with her car, killing him instantly. She left him and drove away, terrified her violent ex would locate her using his police connections if she turned herself in.

    Adam Lapp, the victim’s brother, left the Amish after his brother Robert’s death to become a police officer at Covert Police Detectives Unit and seek justice for his brother’s death. After getting some information from a witness, he makes it his personal mission to track down the mysterious woman in the silver car who killed Robert and left him dead in the street.

    He wants to make her pay.

    When Freya tells him the truth, he doesn’t arrest her as planned. He expected the woman who killed his brother to be heartless and cruel. He never expected her to a timid, kind, and beautiful woman who is running for her life from a controlling ex who wants her dead.

    He didn’t expect his heart to want to forgive her and get to know her more.

    When Freya asks him to take her to his family so she can also tell them what happened, he agrees.

    But when Freya meets Robert’s parents Hannah and Aaron Lapp, along with his widow Mariah, will she have the courage to say what she came there to say, or will she crumble?

    Will she find hope in the ashes, or just more darkness and sorrow?

    Bonus: Includes an excerpt from Ashley’s upcoming novel Amish Under Fire, the sequel to Undercover Amish!

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  • Amish Romance: Prairie Princess by Michelle Eastwood

    0 out of 5

    Levi and Eli are like brothers and they were supposed to go herding together, but when Eli had an accident, his wife had to come instead. During the time spent herding sheep together in the prairie they start to feel attracted to each other. But fearing the community’s and her husbands response and consequences of their actions Rebecca and Levi have to sort out their real feelings and decide what is the correct thing to do.