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  • Stalked: Witchy Wolf Book One by Alexis Dare

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    From Bestselling author, Alexis Dare…

    Fate just walked into her life and he’s tall, hunky, & wolf.

    Chloe Jackson is just fine on her own– so when a long-haired, muscular, Harley riding Alpha wolf stalks into her life, she’s more than a little irritated. Gabriel Denton is hunky, but he can also be an ass. He’s assigned himself as her protector and, whether she wants it or not, he’s here to stay.

    A terrifying attack shakes Chloe’s confidence in herself and pushes her closer to Gabriel. As they discover the identity of her attacker and his hidden agenda, Chloe finds herself in grave danger. So reluctant or not, Gabriel is going to fight to be by her side, even as she fights her intense feelings he arouses in her.

    Chloe Jackson didn’t believe in fate, but Fate doesn’t care. It’s about to prove that the biker is so much more than her protector.

    This is book 1 in a three book series. Peril: Witchy Wolf Book 2 and Cursed: Witchy Wolf Book 3 are also now available.