alien abduction romance

  • Dredge: Book One in the Galactic Seduction Alien Abduction Romance Series by Lula Monk

    0 out of 5

    Cold. Confused. Sold to the highest bidder.
    Samantha awakens to discover she is the property of Galactic Continuity, an intergalactic company specializing in breeding programs for species who are nearing extinction. At the Hub, a strange humanoid creature aggressively bids for her, and wins. Samantha knows what the alien wants, and she’s not relinquishing her body without a fight.

    Ruler of the planet Brillar, Dredge is one of the only remaining Glims in the universe. This pale, dull oddity before him — this human — is his species’ best hope for surviving the disease that is wreaking havoc on his planet. There is only one problem — she is non-compliant, combative, and worst of all: she is missing her shine.

    When the virus that killed most of his species begins devouring Dredge’s body as well, will he be able to convince the human Samantha to breed before his light dies out?

    If you like considerate alpha aliens, determined female Earthlings, and high-stakes romance, reserve your copy of Dredge, the first book in the new sci-fi fantasy romance series, Galactic Seduction!
    Consent is sexy. Explicit, consensual encounters between main characters. No Stockholm Syndrome romances. Some allusions to rape.


    Book 1 of the Galactic Seduction Alien Abduction Romance Series.
    Book 1 – Dredge

    Book 2 – Ignis

    Book 3 – Tonx

    Book 3.5 – Petra

    Book 4 – Cyndar

    Book 5 – Arachne

  • Zar: Book One in the Galaxy Gladiators Series by Alana Khan

    0 out of 5

    Snatched from Earth. Bound for slavery. Can love offer escape?

    Abducted from Earth, aboard a slave ship, Anya is thrown into a cell with Zar, a handsome half-lion gladiator, and forced to breed or be killed.

    Zar’s life is an unbroken nightmare consisting of sleep, eat, fight, repeat. He’s not interested in helping Anya, and he’s definitely not interested in love. Except she’s the first female to ever touch his heart—or remind him he has a soul.

    If you like hot alpha aliens, kick-ass Earth women who mastermind insurrections, and sexy action romance, check out Zar, the first book in the paranormal romance Galaxy Gladiators series. This standalone book contains steamy sex scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

    Buy Zar to begin exploring the galaxy with Anya and Zar today!