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  • A Wrong Way Home by Alice Orr by Alice Orr

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    A WRONG WAY HOME – Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series

    Book 1 – Matt & Kara’s Story

    Going home can be dangerous…

    Kara Cartwright returns to her hometown on the same night Anthony Benton is murdered. But she knows nothing about that or how it will unhinge her life. She only knows she vowed never to come back to Riverton or to see Matt Kalli – the man she once loved then ran away from.

    Matt has made a vow of his own. He’ll never forgive Kara, the woman who loved him then betrayed him nine years ago. And he can’t forgive himself for the way she’s stuck in his heart.

    All these two have in common is their undeniable attraction for each other and their hatred of Anthony Benton. Now Benton’s dead and they could be suspects. People they care deeply about could be suspects too. That gives Matt and Kara something else in common – a perilous search for the real killer before he murders again.

    A Wrong Way Home is the first book in The Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series featuring the Kalli family, the four Kalli brothers and others who find safety and a warm welcome at Kalli Corner on Riverton Road. A Year of Summer Shadows is Book 2 and launched on June 22, 2015. A Villain for Vanessa will be Book 3.