Alexis Adaire

  • Sleeping With the Enemy by Alexis Adaire

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    Deskbound CIA technician Anna Mercer dreams of more excitement in her job and her love life. She gets both when a one-night stand she meets in a dive bar inadvertently gets her recruited to a special division of the Agency.

    Anna must learn to use her wits AND her curves to complete high-level missions that often involve intimacy with dangerous targets. Complicating matters is Ryan Demarco, a fellow covert operative who is as breathtakingly sexy as he is arrogant, and try as she might, Anna just can't resist mixing spy-business with alpha-male pleasure.

    Self-sufficient Anna is caught by surprise, however, when her heart gets tangled up and things begin to spin out of control.

    Alexis Adaire is the master of strong female protagonists, and “Sleeping With the Enemy” is an amusement park thrill-ride of daring espionage, heart-tugging romance and steamy sex.