• Alpha Male: Unlocking The Alpha Male Power by Scott Love

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    This book is about transforming every aspect of one’s self: the mind, personality, emotions, appearance, speech, and behavior to bring forth the Alpha Male potential into actuality. It tackles diverse topics geared to self-mastery such as thought programming, personality development, emotional control, acquiring habits of success, practicing powerful body language, makeover advice, and more.

    Important alpha male topics such as how to attract women and how to become dominant are also discussed in this book. All these aim to provide the reader an indispensable collection of skills and traits that will not only make him achieve Alpha male status, but conquer any goal he sets his mind to.

  • Hunting Redheads An Adventure In Dating by David Woolf

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    HUNTING REDHEADS is the third and the most provocative eBook in the series about the mysterious world of dating gorgeous women. Just when you thought you knew everything about the opposite sex, a revolutionary new book comes along to change the way you think about pursuing dreamgirls within a code of honor. Technique and methodology are blended with the secrets of attraction, and the art of seduction. Dating advice for men will never be the same when a man realizes that, at heart, he’s a hunter. He seeks opportunities to meet up with these beauties, and learns how to find the best hunting grounds and the most effective ways to date these women. Then when he’s gained the necessary skills, he comes face-to-face with her and finds a way to prevail. So, have courage. HUNTING REDHEADS will help you in your dating adventurers, and know that the “good life” awaits you… like a hungry tiger.

  • Fucking Right! Oral Fixation by Layla Leone

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    You love your lady and you’d do anything to please her, but the thought of going down on her fills you with absolute terror. That’s ok – plenty of guys feel the same way, so you’re certainly not alone. But in the pages of this unique guide to oral sex, you will find everything you need to scramble over the embarrassment hurdle and hone your technique.

    You’ll find out what makes her squirm with pleasure, what will turn her on so much that she’ll barely be able to resist you and what tips, tricks and techniques you can use to tip her over the edge every single time.

    You’ll be able to try some exotic positions and adventurous techniques that you may never have even heard of – not to mention that you’ll leave your woman begging for more. As the starter course for an evening of intense pleasure, what could be better than training your tongue to give her the most intense orgasms she’s ever felt?

  • How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You: And Stay in Love with You by Jill Washburn

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    How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You is a great resource for women who are looking for that perfect man. When we first meet someone that we are attracted

    to one of the first things that we ask ourselves is “how can I make him fall in love with me?” While there are many strategies, tips, and pre-conceived ideas

    about how to drive him wild after he sees you that first time, the absolute best thing to do is to consider the features that could actually make him fall head

    over heels in love with you. Many times we want to attract a man and seduce him and without really thinking about it challenge ourselves to do so. In order to succeed it is going to take patience and a certain skill set. It can definitely be worth the time and effort, especially if you are considering a long term commitment with him.

    It is likely that this is not the first book that you have read about how to make a man fall in love with you. In fact, there are many informational articles

    and guides available on this topic. While many of these guides and books promise to teach you how you can make a man fall in love with you in a specific time

    frame, you have probably learned that this does not really work. If it did, there would not be any single people in the world. This book does not make any promises

    about making a man fall in love with you in a set amount of time. Instead, it discusses different ways that you can make yourself more desirable to the man that you

    are seeking.