A.R. Valencia

  • Lust and the Storm 1 by A.R. Valencia

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    He’s on a heart-breaking quest for vengeance. She thinks it’s coincidence she was caught up in his struggle for power. The truth about their relationship will change the world. This is Lust and the Storm – The Cardinal Sins Trilogy, a thrilling romantic suspense that brushes against the realm of the paranormal and smashes headlong into the limits of love and sacrifice.

    Book 1

    Imogen Bell should be happy. It’s been five years since she escaped her past and things are finally going well. She’s at university, she has great friends, she’s dating an excitingly inappropriate lover, and she’s even learned to control the voices in her head. Her life is as far from falling apart as it’s ever been. Then the dream that haunted her childhood comes back — the one about the beautiful man with the golden eyes.

    Dreaming about him again is bad enough but things get much worse when she finds out he’s real. She tries to stay in control but as her dreams, her past, and her present collide in a perfect storm of lust and intrigue she’s forced to face her insatiable desires for this dangerous stranger.

    Lust and the Storm 1 is the first part of a trilogy designed to be read in order. It’s a 19,000 word novella and it depicts sexual intimacy in detail. It’s intended for mature audiences only.