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  • My First Time by Lucy St. Vincent

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    Sweet, sensual exploration that will have you wishing you could relive (or redo) your first sexual adventure. This is Judy Blume and then some! Follow Elizabeth and Zach to the movie theater, to Zach’s place, and ultimately to her parents’ place while they are gone for the weekend. Their sweet sexual initiation will have you pining for your youthful innocence. And the loss of it.

  • Love in Reality: A Contemporary Romance by Magdalen Braden

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    Never has the Philadelphia legal community generated so much passion — it has to be the fictional world of former lawyer Magdalen Braden, who introduces us to The Blackjack Quartet with the story of a law student who discovers Love in Reality …

    TV producer Rand Jennings needs to find a ditz for his reality show, The Fishbowl, but Lissa Pembroke hardly seems ditzy or scatterbrained. Still, something about the cool, competent bartender excites him. Rand coaches her on how to act the part … a session that ends with a heated kiss. Now he’s more determined than ever to cast her as a “Fish” for the show.

    Law student Libby Pembroke agreed to bartend in her twin sister’s place, but no way is she going on a silly, fish-themed reality show as Lissa. Then her summer plans fall through. Libby realizes that the chance to be near the gorgeous producer has a certain appeal.

    Their attraction may be real, but Rand and Libby are keeping a lot of secrets from each other. With a show that’s all about scheming and deceit as a backdrop, they manage to forge a genuine bond. Can it survive the lies they’ve told each other … and themselves?

  • Wrought by Moonlight by Val Noirre

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    “Wrought by Moonlight” is that rare breed of literary erotica that treads the fine line between elegance and sensuality.

    Shakespeare and sex is a heady mixture!

    Enter a night of moon-induced sensual madness and silver faerie magic, when rising blood thickens the flesh and every kind of coupling is possible!

    “Wrought by Moonlight” is an elegant, erotic short fantasy retelling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

    “Val Noirre” is the erotica byline of an acclaimed writer working in other genres under another name.

  • Finally! My Love Has Come by Shalone Anderson

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    Abigail and Israel were the ideal couple until life threw a wrench in their relationship. Unable to continue, Abigail ended the only love she’s ever known. Abigail thought life couldn’t get any worse. Nkrumah, Abigail’s violent ex-husband wants her to return to Ghana with their newborn child. Desperate for love Mogul Israel Strong is tired of industry women. He too is in search of love. Felicia has pulled out all the stops, but she can’t get her hooks into the man of her dreams. Felicia and Nkrumah team up to destroy anyone that gets in their way. They are determined to have what they deem as the love of their lives.

  • The Spirit Keepers by J. S. Winn

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    Can you escape the wrath of the Spirits?

    One of Sandy Jacobs’ ten year old students and his family are accused of witchcraft. Blamed for the mysterious deaths of two San Anselmo Pueblo children, they’re terrorized by “Boogeymen” Kachina, fierce-looking impersonators of the spirits. Sandy rushes to their aid, but her actions inflame the perpetrators and arouse the opposition of Native born faculty member, Ben Rush. Sandy and Ben clash over the issue while struggling against the attraction growing between them until the harassment culminates in violence. Together they risk their lives to uncover the truth and, in the process, learn lessons as valuable as any they have taught.

  • Deadly Valentine by Jenna Harte

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    Tess Madison walked away from her two-timing fiancé, a multi-million dollar trust fund and a cushy corporate law job to pursue the single life indulging in chocolate and fancy French underwear. But her newly reordered life comes unraveled when she reluctantly accepts an invitation to a dinner party and stumbles upon the host’s dead body. Now Tess is in the middle of a murder investigation pitting her wannabe-boyfriend police detective against Jack Valentine, a man from her past with blue-green eyes and sinful smile that causes her to rethink her self-imposed celibacy. Tess has many reasons to avoid Jack including the fact that he’s the prime suspect in a murder. But Tess doesn’t believe Jack’s the murderer and with an honest attempt to keep her hormones in check, she agrees to represent him. With Jack’s help, she uncovers a 30-year-old secret someone is killing to keep hidden and discovers sensual delights that don’t include chocolate or French underwear. But when her professional and personal relationship with Jack threatens to ruin her career and end her life, Tess has to decide if Jack, is worth the risk.

  • The Hunters and the Queen by Virginia Vayna

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    The main character, Jolán Vajnbirg, is developing into another being. She has a calling from the sky world. A battle is on the horizon.

    While working on her studies at the Churchill Military Academy in Kinsburgh, England, Jolán Vajnbirg’s final year at the academy develops into a year of competition, aristocratic love, reincarnated spirits, and a calling from the sky world to help save earth from the death and destruction caused by the Order of the Hunters.

    Jolán Vajnbirg is an often reserved, yet occasionally outspoken young woman living in Kinsburgh, England. She has a relatively easy life living in her quiet England town. She has a full-ride swimming scholarship to the Churchill Military Academy. She has a strong mind, she has an athletic body, and she has a loving family and caring friends. Even though her family has a modest income, Jolán makes the best of her situation and excels at anything she puts her focus towards.

    As Jolán embarks upon her final year at the Churchill Military Academy, her life takes an unexpected turn. She has a quaint encounter with Colemund, the Prince of Gallia Belgica, and the two are literally a universal match created centuries ago. As Jolán begins the last year of her studies, she experiences many changes.

    The sky world is steadily preparing Jolán for her future fate. Jolán will need her friends to help her battle the Order of the Hunters. The hunters have upset the universal balance of earth, and the hunters have upset the sky world.

  • Fire And Ice by Victoria Paige

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    Maia Pierce, a top agent for Artemis Guardian Services (AGS) and a widely known rule breaker, was good at her job. In her last mission, her risk-taking had finally caught up with her and she had now incurred the wrath of a Russian drug lord bent on destroying her. With assassins after her, one man had offered her his protection. But Jack McCord may be an other kind of danger.

    Jack McCord had everything: a thriving defense company, sinful good looks and no shortage of beautiful women. But what he coveted the most didn’t want anything to do with him. Maia Pierce, his brother’s bodyguard, was the most exquisite creature he had ever laid eyes on and he wanted her. When Maia got into trouble, he saw an opportunity to offer a no-strings attached arrangement and he is not taking no for an answer.

    As they face-off with Russian mercenaries from the North Carolina coast to the depths of the Russian wilderness, they also finally face what may be in their hearts. But the danger that Maia finds herself in, and the secrets she keeps from Jack threaten to derail their happily ever after.

  • Play Me Like You Mean It by Thalia Hunter

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    Looking for a perfect vacation a young woman’s Tropical Island encounter with an older man, friend of her mom’s, does not go exactly as she planned. Desperate, she turns up the juice, until both sides of this May-December romance are embroiled in a difficult situation that could cost her identity.

    Thalia has a girlfriend, she’s not really into men, so is this a game with her? Will she be forced to take her first male lover since middle school?

    What is young Thalia’s purpose? She wants to be an artist, so why is she pursuing this man, the prosperous and artistic Jason Crag? Why has Thalia put herself in such a position of guilt, and why does it keep her from walking out?

    Is she forced to submit, or does some hidden part of her want such degradation? Her plans turn into desperate moves to stay on top of the situation, but her youth trips her up until she must play her last remaining card, and tempt him with her alluring body.

    An Epic Spiral of Bondage and Submission

    As she surrenders her will, the dress Crag makes her wear to New Years Eve in Honolulu leaves nothing to the imagination. And his curt order that she wander through the

    acked nightclub allowing anyone to fondle her is like a scythe that cuts deep into her self-respect.

    Why does she submit? Why should such treatment leave her dripping wet, inflamed beyond reason? Is this her dive into depravity? Will her bound body win him over? Or does he see through to her true purpose and identity?

    Will this wealthy and educated man help her, or will nothing change at all, except for the dark fate of one luckless girl?

  • Fatal Embrace by Aris Whittier

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    Cosmopolitan Magazine “Red-Hot” Read

    High-spirited horse trainer Jessica Stanson stumbles into the perfect job on one of the most elite ranches in Montana. Or at least it would be if her boss, ex-detective Michael Carven, stopped acting like he didn't want her there. Jessica has to prove herself to him on the ranch, and also try to penetrate his armor to get to the man inside. Michael Carven is a man who has left a difficult past behind him, and now works at his dream job raising horses under the Montana sky. But he knows that the past has a way of coming back to him, and soon enough, it does. A wave of violence hits the nearby small town of Riverside, nestled deep in the mountains, as a cunning serial killer preys on the population. Against his will, Michael finds himself both drawn into the case and coming to care for his independent new trainer. And if having a killer on the loose wasn't enough, his two worlds collide when Jessica becomes the only material witness in the case. Before it is over, Michael and Jessica will put everything they know and hold dear on the line to catch a vicious, cunning killer – and to protect each other as well.

  • Noble Cause by Jessica James

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    Honor and conviction clash with loyalty and love in this epic Civil War novel that pits brother against brother. Winner of the coveted John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, Noble Cause chronicles the clash of a Confederate cavalry officer with a Union spy as they defend their beliefs, their country, and their honor.

    Called “a riveting piece of historical fiction” by the Midwest Book Review and often compared to Gone with the Wind, Noble Cause takes readers across the rolling hills of Virginia in a page-turning tale of courage and love.

    Gallantry and chivalry are put to the test when Colonel Alexander Hunter discovers the woman he promised his dying brother he would protect is the Union spy he has vowed to his men he would destroy.

    With its unique blend of romantic and historical fiction, Noble Cause tells a deeply personal and poignant tale that, according to one reviewer “transcends the pages to settle in the very marrow of the reader’s bones.”

    Praised by both men and women, and suitable for teens, this novel captivates and enthralls by telling a classic tale of courage, sacrifice and enduring love.

    Originally published as Shades of Gray, Noble Cause is the winner of multiple national literary awards.

  • Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery by Alana Nicole Sholar @Alana_Sholar

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    At the young age of 8-years old, Alana Nicole Sholar (born as Alan in Kentucky in 1961) realized something was ‘wrong.’ However, the word ‘transgender’ is NOT a household word in Kentucky.

    Alan lived and worked on some of Kentucky’s now-famous thoroughbred farms (where he even trained to become a jockey), while hiding, and running from, the secret within — struggling with his difference well into his mid-30’s before he became aware there were others like him.

    Determined to hide the struggle within, Alan is a fast driving, hard drinking, pill popping guitar player with a sex addiction that leads to multiple partner encounters and the consequences.

    On the way to becoming Alana, with the first step being a legal name change in 2005, she imagines what it must be like to be with a man. When the opportunity presents itself she struggles with making a decision to do something that, once done, could never be undone.

    Much more than just a story of gender discovery, which is powerful in and of itself, “Hung in the Middle” is a story of triumph over life’s challenges. Although the challenges may differ, Alana’s story is an encouraging resource for anyone traveling their own personal journey of self-discovery . . . and we ALL seek to discover ‘self.’

    Chapter 1, Alana’s ‘Interview with the Author’ video, and more at

  • Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman @JenMinkman

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    ‘Shadow of Time’ is a paranormal romance set in Navajo Nation. The main characters are American (Hannah, the girl) and Navajo (Josh, the guy). Hannah and her brother Ben are spending their summer vacation in Arizona. Josh is Ben’s best friend from the reservation, and Hannah hasn’t seen him in years. When she meets him again, she falls head over heels for him, but Josh is strangely distant and seems to be hiding something from her. When she starts having strange nightmares about historical events in Navajo Nation in which Josh is always present, she is determined to find out what is happening to her… and what Josh’s secret exactly is.

  • Coffee and Cockpits by Jade Hart

    0 out of 5

    “If I had to die, I wanted it to be doing something I loved, with a man who wanted to fly me to the moon.”

    By day, Nina Poppins is a professional flight attendant, who lives to travel, and isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. By night, she’s an award winning Salsa dancer who wears sexy corsets and garter belts. She wants to keep her two lives separate, but Liam Mikin knows her secrets.

    Liam Mikin is a co-pilot used to getting any air-hostess he wants with one blazing look of his blue eyes. And he wants Nina. But Nina is adamant she won’t end up as another notch on a pilot’s wingtip.

    However, fate intervenes when their airplane malfunctions on a routine flight to Samoa, stranding all the crew on the Pacific island. Liam has his opportunity to prove to Nina he’s not what she thinks, but he wasn’t counting on competition in the form of an engineer. Nikolai Rivers dances as well as Nina and is linked to Liam’s past. As Nikolai fights for Nina’s affections, Liam is forced to face what happened all those years ago.

    Being island-wrecked in a five star hotel is anything but relaxing. Fraught with male egos, dancing, and secrets, both Nina and Liam aren’t ready for what fate has in store.

  • Naked Montreal by Laura Roberts @originaloflaura

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    Meet Francesca “Frankie” Parker, Montreal’s only guide to the real Underground City. It’s not just a mall – it’s the people and places that the guidebooks don’t want you to see. Sex shops, strip clubs, burlesque festivals, and much more await in the Sin City of the North. Curious? Let Frankie be your guide in part one of this new series.

  • The Prince’s Guard by Annette Gisby

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    M/M Erotic Romance in a fantasy setting.

    Single Short Story

    Prince Dashan has been used to getting things his own way, with servants to cater to his every whim. As the crown prince, it is essential that he is protected and he is followed everywhere by his bodyguard, Ryland. Dashan can’t even head to a tavern with his friends without Ryland somehow turning up and spoiling his fun.

    Dashan disguises himself as a peasant one night and sneaks off to the brothel that he’s heard rumours about – a brothel that caters for men who like men. The prince finds it difficult to admit to himself what his true desires are – he yearns to submit his will to someone else. And Ryland is just the man to show him what that truly means.