• Zombies in Saudi Arabia by Andy Ibrahim

    0 out of 5

    The sound of a civil defense siren blares in an Eastern Saudi Arabian city, and sisters Sara and Malak awaken to a terrifying new world. After days of strange, foreboding behavior from animals, the girls find themselves in a nightmare, separated from their parents. They join with their best friends, May and Reama, and all four girls band together to try and find their families as the city around them falls into chaos as the undead rise and attack the living.

    While the girls try to avoid formidable zombies made unpredictably more aggressive by the Arabian sun than any in fiction, they are joined by Rakan, Sara’s coworker, and his cousin. The group quickly discovers that suspicion between them causes friction. Still, they push on, hoping to survive long enough to meet their families in a safe zone. To make matters worse, some members of the group exhibit strange behavior and others are not who they seem.

    As the girls battle to survive, they also fight to keep their sense of self as young Saudi women in all the different identities they represent.

    Will the girls be able to maintain their identities and their trust in themselves despite their struggle for survival? Can the group stay together long enough to reach a safe zone? Will the girls’ suspicions prove to true or end up ruining their only chances to find their parents?

  • Zombie Diaries by RWK Clark

    0 out of 5

    Bestselling author and master of horror, RWK Clark, unleashed a teenage outcast with revenge against her classmates. A fun timeless coming-of-age fantasy as only he could envision it.
    While most high school juniors are worried about acne, grades, and dating, Mavis Harvey has a host of issues to deal with, like her appetite for human flesh. Don’t worry, the bullies won’t get far. Crunch!
    Revel in a new phase of RWK Clark’s writing career that is yielding his most imaginative, and bestselling work yet, a must-read epic saga.

  • Containment Zone by R. A. Seckler

    0 out of 5

    October 12, 2021.

    That was the day Death ceased her collection of souls.

    Instead of claiming people on the day of their death, human beings are doomed to remain trapped inside their decaying bodies until a sliver of the brain dubbed the ‘soul region’ rots away. When the government’s only solution is to set up Containment Zones in each state to handle the burgeoning undead demographic, what were intended to be peaceful, country club settings for the deceased quickly fill above and beyond capacity, to the point that each Containment Zone more closely resembles a third world slum. Slums filled with our dead and decaying loved ones…

    Parker Wallace May wasn’t ready to die, but when one inhales too much smoke from a house fire, that’s exactly what tends to happen. He never imagined ending up in a Containment Zone at his age, and definitely never imagined his living wife would abandon him and never return his calls. But when Parker receives news from the outside that his wife is getting remarried, Parker sets out to do the one thing no one has ever done before…break out of the Containment Zone…

    To do this, Parker goes to work for a ruthless undead mobster smuggling in and selling an illegal drug called Phanex that reacts with the soul region of the dead’s brain, giving them a taste of the life they once had but exacerbating their decay with each use…

    Can Parker escape the Containment Zone and get back to his wife? Or will Parker succumb to the alluring qualities of Phanex, planting the seeds of his own demise in the process…

  • Vampire Dead-tective (Dead-tective #1) by Mac Flynn

    0 out of 5

    There are those who hunt the night, and then there’s Liz Stokes. She’s a normal woman with an abnormal roommate until he up and gets himself murdered. Now she’s inherited his unique ring and an even more unique business partner, and the world of the paranormal is sprung on her like a surprise birthday party nobody wants. Together the pair find out that they don’t like each other. A lot. The catch? They can’t kill each other or the survivor will die, too.

    Now Liz has to navigate this new and frightening world while dealing with her equally new and frightening companion. It’s a crazy chase filled with mad scientists, men in black, and cop werewolves who want to take more than a bite out of crime.

    The Dead-tective books are paranormal romance thriller episodes that revolve around a pair of unlikely partners in their quest for truth, justice, and a pint of blood.