Zoey DuBois

  • Inheritance by Zoey DuBois

    0 out of 5

    Dominic Diamond is drowning in the dark side of his nature. Caught in a downward spiral of destruction, his only hope of redemption lies with the hidden away bookshop he bought to spite his Mafia-esque Father.

    With the bookshop sinking fast, and his own X-rated novels–penned drunkenly during his darkest hours still unpublished–time is rapidly running out for Dominic. His sinister addictions are steadily laying waste to his efforts to break free from the ugly world he’s become a part of. All that awaits him now is his inheritance: a fortune in dirty money, and a lifetime at the helm of the Family Business that generated it…

    …until the day a shy, broken soul stumbles into the bookshop clutching her resume, and in her innocence, inadvertently turns his entire world upside down.

    Filled with smoldering sex, dangerous tension, and a heartwarming fight for love, Inheritance is an addictive debut from an exciting new British talent set to take the genre by storm!