Zo Duncan

  • Wetter than Rain, Harder than Hail by Zo Duncan

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    Zo Duncan’s “Wetter than Rain, Harder than Hail” is a delightful twist to erotic poetry. This collection of erotic poems and short stories is sure to be enjoyed by male and female audiences. Featuring titles such as “Mind, Body and Soul” and “A Vacancy for Ecstasy”, this book appeals to all readers, from the deepest poets to the erotic book clubs. This sensual collection is complimented with an audio book and a DVD that illustrates some of the most popular poems and stories. Get the complete collection to truly enjoy this work of art.

    Zo Duncan is a talented writer from Detroit, MI. Specializing in creative writing, he decided to release a collection. Some of his many talents include poetry, short stories, and song writing of various genres. To learn more about this author, check out his other book “A Storm that Defines Me”, a series of event based poems inspired by his very own life.