WS Carmichael

  • Forever My Always by WS Carmichael

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    Kevin Montgomery loves his life. He has the best of both worlds – playing the fun, crazy uncle every couple of months and then escaping back to his carefree bachelor life when he’s had enough of crying kids and sticky fingerprints. Throw in hanging out with his best friend, Amy Harrison, and you could say his life is just about perfect.
    Amy Harrison is a smart, successful attorney with one of Manhattan’s most prestigious firms. Too busy with her career to entertain a serious relationship, she’s content to spend her time with her best friend, Kevin, traveling often to his hometown of Laurel Creek. However, the more time she spends with Kev’s nieces and nephews, the more she yearns for a family of her own.
    Everything changes when an embezzlement scandal of epic proportions rocks their world. Facing federal charges and his changing relationship with Amy, Kevin is at risk of losing everything. He must prove his innocence and face his growing feelings for Amy. Fearing he may not have a future to offer her, he’s forced to watch as another man moves in on Amy’s heart.
    Will the magic of Laurel Creek be enough to align two hearts destined for each other or will they miss their one chance at true happiness?