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  • The Bowman’s Inn: Autumn by E.M. Youman

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    The leaves are turning red and gold in the city of Anteros. All Hallows Eve opens the gate between the worlds of fantasy and reality. Anything could happen as you look for your Soul Mate. And of course there will be a costume party at The Bowman’s Inn. The bartender, Valentine Archer, will know just what you need. He not only looks like a Greek god, he used to be one. Cupid prefers to be called Val these days. But he still knows how to bring people together.

    Eight authors have combined their talent to bring you a collection of tales with romance, mystery and maybe a little humor. The delightful short stories feature characters who own or operate the facilities of the Bowman’s Inn or are just passing through. Whatever the case, Cupid has a way to help each of them find what their hearts require.