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  • The Forgetful Lover – Story About Me and My Crush by Catherine Becket

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    As the night progresses, our moods relax. The alcohol helps and my inhibitions are lowered. I can’t help but look at him admiringly. He is the perfect specimen of masculinity. Tall, well over six feet, wide shoulders and muscular arms. I can see his biceps ripple as he moves. His chest is broad and from what I can see, hairless. The tight fitting shirt outlines his pecs and abs. I struggle to tear my eyes away form his adonis-like body, even when I realize that’s he’s aware I’m oggling him. This guy stirs feelings deep inside me, that haven’t been stirred for a while.

  • My Fairy Godmother Must Be on a Strike by Maria Arca

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    As it turns out, challenges can often reveal the greatest opportunities.

    Ada Lee was perfectly content just being herself. Yes, was – then her boyfriend David suddenly got sick of her and broke off their relationship. To make things worse, the break-up was anything but graceful. Poor Ada overheard David trashing her to a “frenemy”, saying she had put on weight, become socially awkward, and was all-in-all incompetent at life. Ouch!

    What band-aid could possibly heal this ailing heart? Ada’s friends think they have the magic cure and quickly swoop into action to help Ada patch her broken spirit with a beautiful exterior. Ada’s new makeover boosts her confidence to new heights as her friends encourage her to focus on the superficial and lose weight, dabble in make-up, obtain a new fashion sense (or get one, period), and touch up her social skills.

    Ada’s new look turns heads and brings in all the attention she could ever want. So why does Ada feel strangely empty? Sometimes the most obvious things are the most difficult to see, and Ada may miss an important opportunity right under her nose. As she finds out, her new glitz and glamor have blinded her, and she is about to miss life-changing opportunities and hurt those she loves. Will she be able to get back to what really matters and fix things before it is too late?

    Author Rebecca Moisio explores self discovery and what is really important in “My Fairy Godmother Must Be on a Strike”. Her highly-rated first novels are enjoyed by readers looking for fresh characters and entertaining plot twists. Be sure not to “pull an Ada”! Don’t miss the opportunity to read Moisio’s enthralling “Death at Penrose Hill” and “The Runner”.